Dr. Paul Bartlett Professor of Kinesiology


Ed.D., University of Arkansas
M.S., Drake University
B.S., Iowa State University


A kinesiology generalist, Dr. Bartlett teaches the social-cultural courses, some of the scientific foundation courses, and Coaching of Wrestling. He has presented and published research on sport facility design. His current research interest is in the area of cross-cultural sport studies. Formerly Northwestern's wrestling and women's golf coach, he served as president of the NAIA coaches associations for both sports and was inducted into the NAIA Hall of Fame.

KIN180 - Introduction to Kinesiology

Introduction to the field of kinesiology including aims, objectives, history, philosophy, programs, principles, basic concepts of organization and administration, professional organizations, and the relationship of Christian commitment to the field.(3 credits)

KIN233 - Anatomical Kinesiology

The study of human movement based on anatomical and mechanical principles. Emphasis is placed on the application of these principles in the analysis of human sports performance. Prerequisite: BIO102, 115, 121 or permission of the instructor. (3 credits)

KIN333 - Biomechanics

Mechanical principles and concepts governing human movement are examined, with an emphasis on analyzing sport skills. Prerequisite: KIN233. (3 credits; alternate years, consult department)

KIN403 - Motor Learning

Understanding of theoretical constructs of learning and knowledge of motor learning principles relating to response mechanisms, feedback, motivation, stress anxiety factors, and the influence of psycho-social elements in the acquisition of complex movements. (3 credits)

Lecturer in physical education and head assistant wrestling coach, Drake University

Assistant wrestling coach, Iowa State University

American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD)

International Society on Comparative Sport and Physical Education

NAIA Wrestling Hall of Fame Inductee for Meritorious Service, 2008-09

Profiled by the Christian College Sports News Network, 1992