Alternative Secondary Teaching Endorsement Program in American History


American history electives 10
Related social science courses 14-16 *
HIS 150 - Introduction to Historical Inquiry
An introduction to the principles and techniques involved in the study of history. This course will include both reflection and practice, consideration of ideas and actual application, through exercises drawing on primary and secondary materials.Prerequisite: HIS101.(2 credits)
HIS 206 - History of the United States
(4 credits)(American history) The History of the United States introduces students to the broad contours of American civilization, from native societies and colonial founding to the present and in the context of global events. The course focuses on political, social, economic, religious, and cultural continuity and change in U.S. history. Prerequisite: Historical Perspectives course or permission of instructor.

Total credits required: 22-24


*Related courses may be taken from political science, sociology, psychology, world history or economics. If at least 15 credits are taken in one of the related areas, then teaching endorsement requirements are satisfied in that second area (in addition to endorsement in American history).