The German minor satisfies state teaching endorsement requirements in German. You must also complete the requirements of the secondary education program.

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Minor requirements

Semester Abroad (through an approved program) 15 credits*
GER 102 - Beginning German Language and Culture
Instruction in the German language and enhanced cognitive skills and insight into another culture. Classes foster communicative competence by emphasizing speaking, listening, reading and writing. Building on previously acquired ability in German, students acquire the linguistic and cultural fluency necessary for basic communication in a German speaking country.Prerequisite: GER101, or placement by the foreign language placement exam.(3 credits)
GER 201LA - Intermediate German Language and Culture
An intermediate course in German language and culture, German 201LA continues the sequence begun by German 101 and 102. Students extend their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary by practicing the four language skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening. Course texts include song lyrics, news reports, and folktales. Prerequisite: GER102 or placement by the foreign language placement exam.
GER 202 - Intermediate German Language and Culture
Intermediate-level instruction in German language and culture. Study of primary sources such as short stories, newspapers, songs and movies to explore German culture and increase linguistic ability. Special emphasis on conversation, reading and idiomatic expression.Prerequisite: GER201, or placement by the foreign language placement exam.(3 credits, alternate years, consult department)

Total credits required: 24


*Semester abroad course work must include at least one course in advanced German grammar and/or structure; one course in advanced conversation and/or phonetics; one course in German civilization and/or literature; and if applicable, German elective credits.

  1. Those students who place beyond GER102 on the language placement exam will fulfill the 24-credit requirement through additional credits abroad and/or CLEP examinations.
  2. Upon returning from the semester abroad program, students will complete a capstone paper contrasting their own culture with that of the country in which they studied and complete an oral interview with the German professor.