Kristin McDonald Instructor in Spanish


M.A., University of Southern Mississippi
M.S., Southwest Minnesota State University
B.A., Central College

VPH 128

Prior to joining Northwestern's faculty, Professor McDonald taught Spanish at both the high school and college levels. She has studied in both Mexico and Spain, participated in short-term mission trips to Latin America, and taught English as a second language and Bible to Chinese students in Taiwan. She serves as the faculty adviser for the student-led Spanish chapels that are held four times each semester. Outside of Northwestern she uses her language skills to engage in the local Latino community via activities in her church and in the community.

SPA311 - Advanced Spanish Conversation

(1 credit) The main goal of this course is to improve oral communication, which includes speaking as well as listening, comprehension. Since successful communication also involves cultural awareness of the Spanish speaker's feelings, thoughts and attitudes, part of this course involves studying sources of these important underlying constructs. Prerequisite: SPA201LA or equivalent proficiency. Note: Taught in Spanish. Course repeated a minimum of 3 terms. Graded on a pass/no pass basis.

SPA365 - Special Topics in Language

(2-4 credits) A study of topics in Spanish language and culture not fully covered in other Spanish courses in response to student or faculty interests. Note: May be taken more than once, provided a different topic is studied.

SPA376 - Study Abroad Cross-Cultural Preparation

(1 credit) Lack of cross-cultural competence and sensitivity is a prominent cause of much frustration and anger between visitors to a country and the individuals living in that country. In preparation for their semester study abroad, in this course students will learn common cross-cultural skills and become aware of the joys and challenges they will face in those months. They will also spend time learning about the country in which they will be studying so they are well-versed in the basic historical, political, economic, social and cultural issues that country has dealt with and is dealing with. Prerequisite: Acceptance into a study abroad program approved by Northwestern College for Spanish majors.

SPA377 - Enhancing the Study Abroad Experience

(1 credit) Semester study abroad trips have two interweaving tracks: the external experience, where we encounter the new world in which we are living, and the internal experience, where we visit new places with ourselves. Writing a journal affords the student the opportunity to wrap these two journeys together and end up with a vibrant account of his/her experience - a keepsake that helps him/her remember and learn from the semester study abroad. Thus, a travel journal is the ultimate souvenir. To complete the requirements for this course, students will write a journal during their semester study abroad experience as well as write a final essay reflecting on both the semester abroad and their entire foreign-language collegiate experience. Prerequisite: Acceptance into a study abroad program approved by Northwestern College for Spanish majors.

Spanish teacher, Unity Christian High School, Orange City

Spanish Instructor, Northwest Iowa Community College, Sheldon, Iowa

Spanish teacher, Ontario Christian High School, Ontario, California

English teacher, Reformed Church in America, Chiayi, Taiwan, Republic of China

Christian Association of World Languages