Norman Vincent Peale Scholarships

The Norman Vincent Peale Scholarships were established in honor of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale by Homer and Margaret Surbeck. Eight prestigious Peale Scholarships worth $18,500 per year will be awarded to incoming freshmen who exhibit high academic ability and who possess school, church and community leadership skills. Peale Scholarships are renewable for four years, provided the student maintains a 3.0 cumulative GPA. To be eligible for a Peale Scholarship, each applicant must meet the academic requirements for a Presidential Scholarship:

  • A minimum ACT score (or SAT equivalent) of 27
  • A ranking within the top 10% of one's high school class or a minimum GPA of 3.7

Candidates who meet the above criteria and have been accepted for admission to Northwestern College will be invited to compete for a Peale Scholarship. Peale Scholars will be chosen based on their academic achievements as well as their strong Christian commitment and demonstrated leadership skills.

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