Joel Westerholm Professor of English; Instructor in Music


Ph.D., University of Connecticut
M.A., University of Connecticut
B.A., Trinity College (Deerfield, IL)

KEPH 2nd

Dr. Westerholm taught at the University of Connecticut and the State University of New York at Cortland before joining Northwestern's faculty. He researches and writes on the intersection of Victorian religion and poetry, especially that of Christina Rossetti. He has also published on literary theory, and on the poetry of the Caribbean Nobel-Prize-winning Derek Walcott. Dr. Westerholm plays guitar, gives lessons, and helps lead Taize worship services once a month.

ENG184 - College Writing

An introduction to academic writing, emphasizing the writing process. Students learn strategies for pre-writing, drafting, and revising of expository essays. The course includes analysis of model essays and discussion of model essays and an introduction to research-based writing. (4 credits)Note: This course does not count toward an English major or minor.

ENG225 - Literature of the Developing World

To paraphrase Salman Rushdie, the Empire has written back. The last half of the 20th century has produced a number of literary texts written in English by authors from the recently independent nations of the Old British Empire. These texts have proved so rich in both literary value and cultural context that their authors, Wole Soyinka, Derek Walcott, Chinua Achebe, and Rushdie himself, have won the most prestigious literary prizes available. We will be reading and appreciating these books, both as ripping good yarns, and as significant cultural documents that teach us much of how members of other societies think, feel, and act. Prerequisite: ENG250LC. (4 credits; alternate years, consult department) (NWCore option under Cross-Cultural Engagement)

ENG378 - English Nineteenth-Century Literature

The industrial revolution resulted in an urbanized, more literate population. Writers of the time sought to reach a popular audience in a way unparalleled in English literary history. We shall read Austen, Wordsworth, Dickens, Eliot and their contemporaries, examining what they thought of and had to say to the common people of their day. Prerequisite: ENG250LC. (4 credits; alternate years, consult department)

ENG379 - English Twentieth-Century Literature

England was largely depopulated of young men and nearly reduced to rubble by two world wars. The nation that arose, stripped of its empire, has continued to be a literary center. We shall read Shaw, Yeats, Eliot, Heaney and others, examining how they have analyzed and expressed the modern human condition. Prerequisite: ENG250LC. (4 credits; alternate years, consult department)

ENG410 - Seminar in Interpretation

In this course we study basic problems in understanding literary texts. We explore solutions offered by various critical schools (structuralism, psychoanalysis, New Historicism, reception-aesthetics), examining both their inherent logic and their applicability to a particular text. (4 credits; alternate years, consult department)

ENG480 - Special Topics in Literature and Culture

In this seminar we analyze interpretive problems in literature and their relation to cultural theories and conditions. Particular attention is given to questions germane to Christian experience and thought. (4 credits; non-yearly, consult department)Note: Specific subject matter will vary from year to year and might includesuch topics as a literary period, a national literature, a specific author,or literary genre. This course may be taken more than once provided adiferent topic is studied.

MUS246 - Music Ministry Guitar Lessons

Private instruction is offered in keyboard, voice, brass, woodwind, percussion and string performance. Note: Lessons are 30 minutes in length. Lessons are offered every semester and may be repeated. MUS252, Lead Sheet Piano does not count toward class or private instruction in piano requirement for majors or minors. An advanced student may elect to take an hour lesson each week in his/her major area of performance. Practice and repertoire requirements are doubled. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.(1-2 credits)

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Modern Language Association

North American Victorian Studies Association