Education programs

Elementary Education Major

Requirements for certification
Professional/methodology requirements:
EDU 102 - Foundations of Education
EDU 202 - Early Field Experience
EDU 206 - Survey of Exceptional Individuals
EDU 227 - Instructional Technology
EDU 228 - Children's Literature
EDU 304 - Educational Psychology
EDU 323 - Teaching Mathematics
EDU 326 - Teaching Reading and Language Arts
EDU 328 - Teaching Science in the Elementary Classroom
EDU 329 - Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary Classroom
EDU 340 - Human Relations
EDU 343WI - Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Problems
EDU 409 - Philosophy of Education
EDU 413 - Elementary Student Teaching *
Note: *If seeking certification in special education, unified early childhood, early childhood or reading, complete 8 credits of student teaching in elementary education and 4-8 credits of student teaching in special education, early childhood or reading. The number of weeks/credits required for student teaching will be determined by the coordinator of student teaching and the chair of the department.
Cognate requirements
ART 235 - Integrating Art for Elementary Classroom Teachers
KIN 235 - Integrating PE for Elementary Classroom Teachers
MUS 235 - Integrating Music for Elementary Classroom Teachers
PSY 221SS - Developmental Psychology: Childhood
Content area requirements:
Biological science course: 4 credits
Foreign language course or 201-level proficiency: 0-9 credits
Physical science course: 3-4 credits
MAT 107 - Mathematical Reasoning for Elementary Teachers
MAT 127 - Patterns, Functions and Algebra for Elementary Teachers
Choose one course: 4
HIS 206 - History of the United States
PSC 101SS - American National Government
PSC 235 - Comparative Politics
PSC 260CC - Human Geography
*Choose one course: 0-6
Cross-cultural study elective
Foreign language course
Math course
Note: *Students who complete PSC260, Cultural Geography, or PSC235, Comparative Politics, for the content area requirement above have also met the cross-cultural study elective requirement.
Total credits required: 58-86