Education programs

Northwestern’s education department is one of only 4 in Iowa that’s NCATE accredited, which means you can be immediately certified in most states. It’s also recommended in Rugg’s Recommendations on the Colleges as a top program that attracts top students. NWC’s program emphasizes performance-based education, a national movement that evaluates the teaching abilities of future teachers. That’s why, in addition to your course work, you’ll spend plenty of time in area classrooms and other educational settings—over 100 hours—before you even student teach.

Elementary Education Major

Requirements for certification
Professional/methodology requirements:
EDU 102 - Foundations of Education
EDU 202 - Early Field Experience
EDU 206 - Survey of Exceptional Individuals
EDU 227 - Instructional Technology
EDU 228 - Children's Literature
EDU 304 - Educational Psychology
EDU 323 - Teaching Mathematics
EDU 326 - Teaching Reading and Language Arts
EDU 328 - Teaching Science in the Elementary Classroom
EDU 329 - Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary Classroom
EDU 340 - Human Relations
EDU 343WI - Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Problems
EDU 409 - Philosophy of Education
EDU 413 - Elementary Student Teaching *
Note: *If seeking certification in special education, unified early childhood, early childhood or reading, complete 8 credits of student teaching in elementary education and 4-8 credits of student teaching in special education, early childhood or reading. The number of weeks/credits required for student teaching will be determined by the coordinator of student teaching and the chair of the department.
Cognate requirements
ART 235 - Integrating Art for Elementary Classroom Teachers
KIN 235 - Integrating PE for Elementary Classroom Teachers
MUS 235 - Integrating Music for Elementary Classroom Teachers
PSY 221SS - Developmental Psychology: Childhood
Content area requirements:
Biological science course: 4 credits
Foreign language course or 201-level proficiency: 0-9 credits
Physical science course: 3-4 credits
MAT 107 - Mathematical Reasoning for Elementary Teachers
MAT 127 - Patterns, Functions and Algebra for Elementary Teachers
Choose one course: 4
HIS 206 - History of the United States
PSC 101SS - American National Government
PSC 235 - Comparative Politics
PSC 260CC - Human Geography
*Choose one course: 0-6
Cross-cultural study elective
Foreign language course
Math course
Note: *Students who complete PSC260, Cultural Geography, or PSC235, Comparative Politics, for the content area requirement above have also met the cross-cultural study elective requirement.
Total credits required: 58-86