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Dorm Dollar Challenge

The 2014-15 Dorm Dollar Challenge has ended. Thanks to everyone who gave a gift in honor of their dorm. Money raised during the Dorm Dollar Challenge has contributed to our NW Fund goal of raising $1.12 million (or $1,000 for every full-time student).

Congratulations to West Hall who had the highest percentage of participation. West Hall will be home to the DDC trophy for 2014-15, receive additional funds to spend on dorm improvements and host a homecoming weekend DDC celebration.

Dorm ranks are based on participation percentages (givers relative to the total number of alumni who lived in each dorm from 1997 to 2012).


4th (tie)

Fern Smith







4th (tie)



Daily participation percentages

*If Heemstra or Hospers Hall wins, student leaders from the wings named for those halls will help determine how the funds will be spent. If West wins, the funds will follow the West residents to their new home in Hospers. Alumni who lived in North Suites or campus apartments can select a favorite dorm from among those they lived in first.

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