Dr. David Arnett Professor of Chemistry; Department Chair


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
B.S., Eastern University

SCI 237

Dr. Arnett teaches the general chemistry, analytical and physical chemistry sequences. He has done post-doctoral research on fluorescent microscopy of cellular dynamics at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory. Other research interests include energy and charge transfer in photosynthetic systems, chemical reaction dynamics in condensed media, and near-infrared spectroscopy. Professor Arnett spent a sabbatical year in 2009-10 at the University of Kansas, conducting a collaborative research project with Dr. Carey Johnson. The research, in the field of biophysical chemistry, involves structural and spectroscopic studies of biological molecules. Arnett’s goal is to refine experimental techniques for measuring distances within single-protein molecules. He is currently working with NWC students to study nitric oxide synthase enzymes in a project funded by a $121,825 grant from the National Science Foundation.

American Chemical Society

Midwest Association of Chemistry Teachers at Liberal Arts Colleges