Students walk across a snow-covered campus.

Celebrate 2016

In this season, we're celebrating the many ways God has blessed Northwestern College in 2016. We invited givers making year-end donations to do so in honor of something they're grateful for—like a marriage, birth/adoption, personal or professional achievement, or other demonstration of God's faithfulness. Below are the messages they shared.

“I am giving this gift in gratitude of meeting my best friend Wanda Moss Maloney. We haven't lived in the same state since 1985!”

“My gift is given in gratitude of the great education that I received, and the great education that future students will receive!”
Joyce Den Hartog, Fulda, MN , class of 1971

“I have given my gift in gratitude of how Northwestern has positively affected my immediate and extended family. ”

“I am giving this gift in gratitude for my brother, Jacob Johnson, who is a sophomore at Northwestern!”
Kayla Johnson, Lake Norden, SD , class of 2013

“My gift is given in gratitude for the ultimate gift of Jesus Christ as our Saviour!”

“I am giving my gift in gratitude of Prof. Muilenburg and his guidance for me to pursue my profession as a physical therapist.”
Janet Beard, St. Joseph, MO , class of 1988

“My gift is given in gratitude for Kevin & Sarah Vander Schaaf. ”

“I'm giving this gift with a grateful heart for my years spent at Northwestern when it was still a Jr. college, then for the following 3 years I was able to spend on campus as a staff member. What a wonderful place! ”
Nelva Cunningham, Colorado Springs, CO , class of 1953

“Our gift is given in gratitude for the wonderful education our son Chris and his wife received at Northwestern. Their spiritual growth was exceptional and still is impacting their lives! ”

“My gift was given in gratitude for my granddaughter Bailey Van Roekel's graduation in 2016, and her wedding on September 24, 2016 to Alex! I attended the graduation ceremonies and was very impressed with the Christian aspect!!”
Ilda Van Zee, Pella, IA

“We are grateful for our three son's education!”

“We are grateful to Ardell and Glen Hegstad for her years of service in Ramaker Library and his years of teaching in the Biology Department! We are grateful for your years of service, and for your love and devotion for Northwestern College and its ministry, as your example has impacted and influenced all of us as family!”
Gary and Julie Hegstad, Tea, SD, class of 1982