Nonprofit Management

The Nonprofit Management Minor is designed to guide students in becoming effective nonprofit leaders, equipped with knowledge, skills, and passion to increase impact. Students explore the technical skills, behavioral competencies, management theories, and theological concepts necessary to become highly effective Christ-centered nonprofit leaders.

Minor requirements

ACC 215 - Principles of Financial Accounting
(4 credits) This course covers the basic introduction to financial management and financial accounting, including an understanding of the concepts, principles and practices in these areas.
BTS 290 - Mission and Justice
A general overview of the biblical-theological foundations and historical context of whole Christian mission, with special emphasis upon modern cross-cultural mission theories, international and community development, and the theory and practice of restorative justice. Prerequisite: BTS 250 or permission of instructor. (4 credits)
BUS 201 - Principles of Management
(2 credits) This course introduces the student to the basic principles of management. It includes the understanding of manager's actions in the work place, on the organization and employees. It includes the study of basic management tools and techniques.
BUS 205 - Project Management
(2 credits) This course is an introduction to the field of project management. The main objective is to gain a basic overview of how project management is an art, a science, and a practice. Students will gain technical skills but even more importantly soft skills. Projects are about people, working with people, using skills like communication, working effectively in teams, interpersonal skills, time management, critical thinking, and organizational skills that are all highly valued by employers. The course will emphasize experiential learning and collaborative learning. Prerequisites: BUS200 or BUS201.
BUS 310x - Servant-Leadership or
This course invites students to explore the philosophy of servant-leadership, identify its characteristics, and discover its broad applications. The purpose of this course is to provide students with a deeper understanding of the paradox of being a servant-leader and to empower students to practice servant-leadership and to serve and love God's world. Prerequisite: Must be sophomore standing or higher. Cross-listed with Christian Education. (2 credits; alternate years, consult department)
YCF 310x - Servant-Leadership
No course description available.
BUS 327WI - Fundraising for Mission
(2 credits; alternate years, consult department) (Writing intensive) The course serves as an introduction to the art and science of fundraising. After completion, you will be familiar with the multiple facets of fundraising, including topics such as major gifts, planned giving, capital campaigns, direct response fundraising, grants, special events, online giving strategies, and how to make the ?ask?. The course will also cover the back office of fundraising, including moves management, creation of case statements, and fundraising planning.
BUS 432 - Small Business Management
This course focuses on current theory and practice relating to starting and continuing management of small and family businesses. As such, it is designed for students contemplating management or ownership of a small business. The course will focus on leadership, decision-making, management, marketing, financial controls and other necessary processes to ensure the successful start-up and long-term health of the small business enterprise. It will include identifying the particularities of small business management, analyzing process and life cycle, focusing on growth, and taking an emphasis on total quality management. Prerequisites: ACC 216, BUS 201 and junior standing. (4 credits)
ECO 101SS - Everyday Economics
What is the economy? What drives the boom and bust of the market? Why do people choose what they choose? How should I think about money? What is the role of our government? How do I view inequality? Every decision we make and everything we see in the modern society has something to do with economics. In this course, we will cover the ABC's of micro and macroeconomics that are most relevant to our everyday life. We will also learn a brief history of economic thought, and build our foundation on the Christian principles. (4 credits) (NWCore option under Self and Society) Note: This course is not intended for business or economics majors.
Choose one course:
BUS 225 - Practicum in Business
This course is a directed practicum in business for students and is by arrangement with instructor and on-site supervisor(s). The course will provide initial practical work experience in the field of business. Note: Requires 25 clock hours of work experience. Graded on a pass/no pass basis. Course may be repeated one time. Prerequisites: ACC215, BUS200 or BUS201. (1 credit)
BUS 417 - Internship
(2 credits may apply toward the major)

Total credits required: 25-26