David Befus Associate Professor of Business


Ph.D., University of Miami
M.B.A., University of Michigan
B.A., Wheaton College


Dr. Befus is launching two new online courses in January, 2015: Social Enterprise and World Poverty and Development.

Dr. Befus joined Northwestern's business faculty after spending two years overseeing a post-earthquake reconstruction program for Compassion International in Haiti. A former missionary kid who grew up in Puerto Rico and speaks Spanish fluently, he is an entrepreneur who believes business and economics can be a tool for Christian ministry.

Much of his career has centered on microfinance development: He served as president of Latin America Mission and international director of microfinance for World Vision. He is also the author of Where There Are No Jobs: Practitioner's Manual for Changing the World Through Enterprise, which has been listed as one of the top 25 books on social enterprise.

Befus has an MBA in international business and a doctorate in economic development. He has also taught at Azusa Pacific University and Westmont College.

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Manager of Income Generation-Haiti, Compassion International

Venture Capital Manager, Asociacion Para El Desarrollo Integral, Sincelejo, Colombia

President, Latin America Mission, Miami

International Director of Micro Finance, World Vision International

Regional Director for Latin America, Opportunity International

Professor of Business Administration, Westmont College

Management Consultant, Arthur Young and Company, Miami