The biology minor satisfies state secondary teaching endorsement requirements in biology. In addition to the biology minor, you must also complete the requirements of the secondary education program.

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Minor requirements

Biology electives 12*
BIO 115 - General Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology
(4 credits) General Biology I emphasizes the unity of life, examining the processes common to living organisms, and introduce the diversity of life, examining unicellular organisms. This introduction will provide students with a basic understanding of macromolecules, cell structure and function, respiration and photosynthesis, the cell cycle, meiosis, the relationship between gene structure and function, mechanisms of evolutionary change and Christian perspectives on evolutionary biology.A fee is associated with this course.(
BIO 116 - General Biology: Ecology and Organismal Biology
(4 credits)General Biology II is an introduction to organismal biology emphasizing the diversity of life forms. Representative organisms from the plant and animal kingdoms will be emphasized. Students will also be introduced to basic ecological concepts and Christian perspectives on stewardship. A fee is associated with this course (
Choose one course: 4
BIO 202WI - Genetics
A fee is associated with this course (
BIO 327 - Biochemistry: Molecular Genetics
No course description available.

Total credits required: 24


* At least 6 credits must come from courses with labs. Of these 6 credits, at least 2 credits must be from a 300-level course or above.