Alternative Secondary Teaching Endorsement Program in Biology


Related natural science courses 14-16 *
BIO 115SN - General Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology
No course description available.
BIO 116 - General Biology: Ecology and Organismal Biology
An introduction to organismal biology and ecology. Structure and function of representatives from the plant and animal kingdom are emphasized. In addition, students will be introduced to basic ecological concepts and Christian perspectives on stewardship. (4 credits)(NWCore option under Science and the Natural World)Note: Three lectures and 3 hours of laboratory work per week.
BIO 205 - Ecology
A study of the processes determining the distribution and abundance of organisms in space and time, their exchange of matter and energy with their environment, the measurement of these phenomena, and the application of ecological knowledge in the care of creation. Prerequisites: BIO115 and 116 (4 credits)Note: Course includes required field trips and 3 hours of lab per week.
Choose one course: 4
BIO 202WI - Genetics and Genomics
An introduction to the principles of heredity and their practical application.Prerequisites: BIO115 or 116 (4 credits) (Writing Intensive)Note: Includes 1 1/2 hours of lab per week.
BIO 310WI - Cell Biology
A study of the structure and function of cells and of their subcellularorganelles. Structural detail will be described to the level ofmacromolecular assemblages. Wherever possible, function will be described interms of the molecular mechanisms that underlie biological processes.Prerequisites: BIO115, 116, and CHE101SN, 102, or CHE11, 112. (4 credits, alternate years)Note: Includes three lectures and 1 1/2 hours of lab per week.

Total credits required: 30-32


*Related courses may be taken from chemistry or physics. If at least 15 credits are taken in one of these related areas, then teaching endorsement requirements are satisfied in that second area, (in addition to endorsement in biology).