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The B.A. in art at Northwestern provides a base for the pursuit of a master’s in art or a Master of Fine Arts degree. These graduate degrees allow artists to teach in higher education or develop lifestyles as artists with their own studios. The preparation of portfolios and advice about different graduate school programs is part of this emphasis.

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Recommended courses:

ART 307 - Advanced Drawing
No course description available.
ART 315 - Advanced Ceramics
No course description available.
ART 317 - Advanced Sculpture
(4 credits) Students will use a variety of three-dimensional materials and methods toexplore the question: What makes good design? Stressing practice beforetheory, students will manipulate and construct designs that reveal andembody the principles underlying good design. Students will focus on thedevelopment of strong ideas, creativity, and problem solving skills. Workmust demonstrate effective execution and conceptual clarity, and studentsmust be able to articulate their process and concept. A fee is associated with this course.
ART 342 - Advanced Printmaking
(4 credits) This course will provide an introduction to the foundationalprintmaking techniques of: intaglio, lithography, relief, and monotype.Demonstrations and individual assistance will help you gain technicalproficiency, while in-class discussions and critiques will help youcultivate unique visual ideas. Reading assignments and responsive essayswill allow you to consider questions inherent in printmaking and hone yourability to put visual phenomena into words. Note: A fee is associated withthis course.
ART 344 - Advanced Painting
No course description available.

Total credits recommended: 20