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The B.A. in art at Northwestern provides a base for the pursuit of a master’s in art or a Master of Fine Arts degree. These graduate degrees allow artists to teach in higher education or develop lifestyles as artists with their own studios. The preparation of portfolios and advice about different graduate school programs is part of this emphasis.

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Recommended courses:

ART 307 - Advanced Drawing
(4 credits) Further development in the search for a personal approach to content in the students work utilizing traditional and contemporary drawing approaches. Students will develop form and content through a series of drawings. Prerequisite: ART 206 or permission of instructor. A fee is associated with this course(
ART 315 - Advanced Ceramics
(4 credits) A continuation of the creative development of both functional and nonfunctional forms using advanced forming processes. The formulation of clay bodies, glazes, and their preparation, testing and application are introduced. Students will learn to load and fire gas and electric kilns. Prerequisite: ART215. A fee is associated with this course(
ART 317 - Advanced Sculpture
(4credits) The development of and exploration of formal and conceptual approaches to sculpture. Issues in contemporary sculpture will be explored. Wood, metal, plaster and other mediums will be used along with less traditional approaches to creating work including the use of found objects, mixed media, performance and group efforts.Prerequisite: ART217. A fee is associated with this course(
ART 342 - Advanced Printmaking
A fee is associate with this course.
ART 344 - Advanced Painting
(4 credits) This course encourages the student to develop an individualized painting style. A single theme is repeated throughout course projects in order to develop consistency and maturity. Students are expected to develop their own personal aesthetic and style.Prerequisite: ART242. Individualized courses and programs: A fee is associated with this course(

Total credits recommended: 20