Graphic Design

The pre-graphic design program prepares you to apply art in business and industry or to enter a graduate design program. The liberal arts-trained art major is better prepared to perform creatively and move upward in the commercial art world than a student with only technical art school training.

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Recommended courses:

Completion of art major (36 credits)
ART 164 - Photography I
(2 credits) Taught as a medium of creative expression or as an art form and as a journalistic tool. Film processing and printing are taught as well as camera techniques, darkroom procedures and presentation of work for exhibitions. A fee is associated with this course.
ART 220 - Graphic Design I
ART 230 - Design: Theory and Practice
Study of the language of visual art including the elements and principles of design. Emphasis on learning creative problem solving and activities that focus upon the making and criticism of design projects in response to specific problems. The ethics and stewardship of design, and its influence on society and culture are considered.(4 credits; alternate years, consult department)
ART 320 - Graphic Design II
COM 101x - Mass Media and Society
Examines the historical development, organization and structure of the mass media in contemporary society, as well as related issues and problems. Suggests Christian perspectives on use of and participation in the mass media.(4 credits)
COM 263 - Layout and Design
Covers basic principles of design as they apply to a wide variety of publications. Emphasis on selecting type, art and graphics appropriate to subject matter, purpose and audience.(3 credits)

Total credits recommended beyond major: 21