The art minor satisfies state secondary teaching endorsement requirements in art. You must also complete the requirements of the secondary education program.

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Minor requirements:

ART 206 - Drawing
(4 credits)Drawing will emphasize learning how to perceive the three- dimensional world and render it on paper using the most simple and direct drawing media. Drawing will form the foundation of work in other media. Design fundamentals will be a significant part of the course. A fee is associated with this course(
ART 215 - Ceramics
(4 credits) The art of working with clay and other ceramic materials. Emphasis will be upon learning the fundamentals of three-dimensional design and achieving an understanding of clay as a unique art form. Techniques include hand-building sculptural and functional forms, and learning the basics of throwing on the wheel and glazing. A fee is associated with this course(
ART 217 - Sculpture
(4 credits) Three-dimensional art. Emphasis upon the basics of three- dimensional design and how creative ideas are formed using a three-dimensional approach. Degrees of depth are explored ranging from drawing and relief to works in the round. Techniques include clay modeling, woodworking, plaster casting, metal work and construction with mixed media. A fee is associated with this course(
ART 242 - Printmaking
(4 credits)(Intaglio and Relief) A course providing the student an opportunity to gain knowledge of the printmaking processes of metalplate etching and engraving, woodcut, linocut, lithography and monotype. The student will have the opportunity to give form to his/her ideas while discovering the graphic properties and potentials of each print process from drawing to the final print. A fee is associated with this course(
ART 244 - Painting
Introduces students to the techniques of oil, acrylic and water color painting. Students will learn to understand compositional form and color relationships. Historical examples of painting are examined and different methods of painting are demonstrated. Class critiques are used to learn formal vocabulary and achieve an understanding of subject style and content in painting.A fee is associated with this course( (4 credits)
Choose one course: 4
ART 120AE - Art History Survey, Prehistoric Through Medieval
(4 credits, alternate years, consult department)(IGE option under Aesthetic Experience) This course provides a survey of art from the Prehistoric through Medieval periods. Students will study the development of artists and artistic styles by examining key visual works and pertinent social, political, and philosophical ideas and events. Through written responses, discussions, and projects, students will explore the impact of art from this time period, and learn how to articulate thoughts clearly and tactfully.
ART 122 - Art History Survey, Renaissance Through Early 20th Century
A contextual world survey of the development and evolution of various media including architecture, sculpture, painting, prints, photography, design, film and other mediums since the Renaissance.(4 credits; alternate years, consult department)

Total credits required: 24