Haily Citrowske Admissions Counselor


Canby, Minnesota

Canby High School; University of North Dakota, bachelor’s degree in communications

My family 
I come from a farming, outdoorsy, high-energy kind of family. There definitely was never a dull moment—especially growing up with three robust brothers!

Favorite place to visit 
Explore it. Adore it. Medora! Medora is a town nestled in the badlands of North Dakota that offers unique outdoor entertainment and provides me with a cowgirl kind of experience.

My hobbies 
I enjoy things like running, baking, sand volleyball, and working on small building or painting projects.

Fun fact 
Without my knowledge, my dad signed me up for the trap-shooting team when I was in high school. Reluctantly, I joined—and ended up absolutely loving the sport! I’m glad I got “pull”ed into it!

Best thing about Orange City and NWC 
I love how unique Orange City is! Getting a taste of the Dutch culture makes it a special place for family and friends to visit. And I love walking around campus. Northwestern is beautiful!