Danielle Rossell ’17

Danielle Rossell ’17 Admissions Counselor


Griswold, Iowa

Griswold High School; Northwestern College, bachelor’s degree in religion

My favorite place to visit 
Other than my grandma’s house, I’d have to say Greece. I studied abroad there when I was a student at Northwestern, and since I left, not a day has passed that I haven’t wished I was back in that country.

A book I'd recommend 
Spiritual Theology by Simon Chan. I read it when I was a sophomore in college, and it made a huge impact on my spiritual formation. I also took a class on C.S. Lewis when I was a senior, and I really loved all of his writings.

Fun fact 
I was a four-sport athlete in high school, but when I came to college, I decided to do music and volunteer in ministry instead.

In my spare time ... 
I love to travel, hike, read, crochet, paint, watch The Office and drink coffee.

Best spot on Northwestern’s campus 
The religion department offices. The professors there played a significant role in my life, and they’re just really cool people to chat with.

My advice to incoming students 
Use a planner to keep track of classes, meetings and homework assignments. And whether you’re a 4.0 student or struggling in class, take advantage of the Peer Learning Center!