Aaron Aberson
Admissions Counselor

Recruiting territory: Local area high schools, Indiana and Ohio

Phone: 712-707-7139
Cell: 712-395-1304
Fax: 712-707-7164
Email: aarona@nwciowa.edu

Hometown: Orange City, Iowa (MOC/Floyd Valley High School)

College: Northwestern College (B.A. in business administration)

Co-curricular activities in college: Golf, intramurals and Bible studies

Hobbies: Golf, softball

Favorite place to visit: I love Arizona in the winter. As a golfer it’s nearly paradise down there.

Favorite athlete:  Phil Mickelson

Favorite TV show: The Big Bang Theory

Book I’m reading new: Wild at Heart

Interesting or little-known fact about me: My front right tooth is fake because of a hockey accident I had when I was younger.

Given the choice, I’ll always order … a chicken burrito at Chipotle.

Favorite thing about Northwestern:  The people and the community of believers they make.

College search advice:  Visit at least the top 2 schools you’re considering. It gives you a great idea of what your college experience will look like. In fact, staying overnight on campus with a student is even more beneficial.

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Aug 3 - 7

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