Megan HutsonExercise science major
Logan, Iowa

Game change
For Megan, transferring from a public university involved not only working with Northwestern’s registrar’s office, but also talking with coaches and making the transition to the Red Raider volleyball team. In addition to her exercise science major, she’s also pursuing a career concentration in fitness management to broaden her readiness for the job market.

The Christian decision
I wanted to transfer to Northwestern because it’s an intentionally Christian college with great academic programs and competitive athletic teams. I love that NWC is so community-oriented and offers both a small-town feel and big opportunities.

Smooth move
Any time I had questions about transferring, it was easy to get the right help: The admissions department, my adviser, my coach and the athletic compliance officers helped me and answered all my questions. Except for one 2-credit class, the rest of my credits transferred, and I didn’t lose any academic ground coming to Northwestern. I found it easy to apply, easy to sign up for classes, and easy to transition to Northwestern.

The science of studying
Northwestern’s science classes are very challenging, and I’m pushed academically like I never have been, but I absolutely love my kinesiology classes and professors. In addition, a great learning tool is the Science Center, which provides free tutoring help Monday through Thursday evenings.

Faithful instruction
All my professors are Christians, which makes learning easier and more relaxing for me, knowing my professors have similar beliefs to mine and trusting they’re going to teach me the truth. My science professors, especially, have done a great job always connecting what we’re learning back to the Creator. Not only are my professors smart, but it’s easy to get to know them on a personal level. They’re good life role models.

Tight community
The thing that makes Northwestern a Christian college for me is the people. The people Northwestern attracts make this place energetic and extremely fun. At the same time, the students and professors are very faith-focused and driven. I love the balance Northwestern encourages between a rigorous academic and athletic schedule and a faith-nurturing and fun atmosphere. I love that when I go to the caf’ to eat, I can just leave my backpack in the lobby and never have to worry about it disappearing. If I’m studying in the library and need a break, I can leave my stuff right on the table and it’ll stay there. You get to know people here on a deeper level and make friends that will last a lifetime. Events like chapel, Sunday Night Praise & Worship, discipleship groups and Spring Service Projects help all of us at Northwestern remain a close-knit, Christian family.

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