Social work programs

Our goal is for you to be emotionally and spiritually strong enough to offer help and comfort to a broken world. Your social work courses will teach you both theory and practical skills for meeting the needs of individuals and communities, while your liberal arts classes will help you understand the physical, social, political, economic and personal environments of your future clients. In addition, you’ll learn how to integrate your faith with all areas of your life, including your career in social work.

Social Work Major

Social work Core Courses
(30 Hours Voluntary Experience)
SWK 140 - Introduction to Social Work
SWK 210 - Direct Helping Skills
SWK 220WI - Qualitative Research
SWK 231 - Human Behavior and the Social Environment (HBSE)
SWK 232 - Diverse Populations and Social Justice
SWK 360 - Social Policy and Social Work Advocacy
SWK 370 - Individual/Family Theory & Practice
SWK 376 - Group Theory and Practice
SWK 386 - Community Theory and Practice
SWK 416 - Fundamental Issues in Social Work
SWK 418 - Social Work Professional Seminar
SWK 419 - Social Work Practicum
Cognate requirements
ECO 101 - Survey of Economics
PSC 101SS - American National Government
PSY 100SS - Exploring Psychology
PSY 215 - Research Design and Introductory Statistics
SOC 101SS - Principles of Sociology
Choose one course
BIO 102SN - Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 150SN - Brain and Behavior: The Mind's Machine
Total credits required: 70


SWK418 and 419 must be taken together during the second semester of the senior year and ordinarily will constitute a full load for that semester. These courses will usually be taken at Northwestern College. SWK370, 376, 386, 416, 418, and 419 are courses open only to social work majors.