Apartments and cottages

Upperclassmen can live in campus apartments or cottages that accommodate 3 to 6 students per unit.

Brittany Caffey, resident director

Bolks Apartments

Three buildings make up the Bolks Apartments complex, which is named after the Rev. Seine Bolks, one of the college’s founders. Typically home to students who are juniors or seniors, each has 10 to 12 furnished apartments housing four to six students per unit, as well as a laundry room and computer lounge. The two-bedroom apartments are furnished and feature full kitchens.

Courtyard Village

The Courtyard Village apartments, situated on three sides of a green space, each contain 10 one-bedroom apartments housing three to four students. They are furnished except for couches, include kitchens, and have a laundry room in the basement.


Select houses—or cottages—on campus may also host students. Cottages are often designated as themed houses. Northwestern students have lived in Mission House, Spanish House and Wilderness House.

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