Religion programs

Northwestern’s religion department is large for a college our size and serves all students through core general education courses in the Christian story and tradition. Your major courses will help you develop your Christian worldview and further strengthen your foundational knowledge in Scripture, theology and the practice of ministry.

Christian Mission Minor

The Christian Mission minor prepares students for intercultural competence in Christian ministry. The program integrates biblical and theological reflection with opportunities for experiential learning. Demographic changes in North America coupled with globalization have enormous implications for how we engage in mission. The minor helps students understand their calling and employ their gifts in loving God and their neighbor through any chosen occupational field.

REL 290 - Christian Witness and Community Development
REL 294 - Introduction to Christian Missions
REL 295 - Intercultural Communication
REL 390 - World Religions
REL 392 - Topics in Missiology
Choose 8 credits:
REL 310 - Christian Spirituality
REL 317 - Topics in Old Testament Studies
REL 322 - Topics in New Testament Studies
REL 328WI - Biblical Interpretation and Theology
REL 375 - Topics in Theology
SOC 290CC - Cultural Anthropology
Total credits required: 24