Religion faculty

Mitchell Kinsinger, Ph.D.

Professor of Religion/Christian Education
Department Chair

Ph.D., University of Iowa
M.Div., Western Theological Seminary
B.A., Wheaton College

VPH 115


Professor Kinsinger has a doctorate in religious studies and teaches courses on American religious history, the history of Christianity, and youth ministry. His research interests include Colonial American religion, religious pluralism, and American evangelicalism. His wife, Sandie, teaches in the psychology department and they have three sons.


  • Religion in America

    Religion in America

    Focusing on the Christian tradition, this course will examine the individual, institutions, movements and faith traditions which have shaped and contributed to the American religious experience. To understand both the variety of and unity within the pluralist religious landscape, the course will seek to evaluate the interrelationship between religion and the broader social, cultural and political aspects of the American experience.(4 credits)
  • Topics in the History of Christianity

    Topics in the History of Christianity

    A historical study of a religious group, theological movement or important leader in the history of the Christian church.(2 credits, offered on demand or discretion of department, consult department)
  • Topics in Religion

    Topics in Religion

    A study of an interdisciplinary area of religion, not sufficiently covered by other courses, in response to student or faculty interests.Prerequisite: REL262 or permission of instructor.(2-4 credits, alternate years, consult department)
  • Foundational Issues in Youth Ministry

    Foundational Issues in Youth Ministry

  • Philosophy of Adolescent Ministry

    Philosophy of Adolescent Ministry


  • American Academy of Religion
  • American Society of Church Historians
  • Presbyterian Historical Society
  • Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture
  • International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry