Raider Reach

Raider Reach makes school cool by offering non-traditional learning experiences for middle schoolers. Classes meet Tuesday and Thursdays in October and November, from 6:30 to 8 p.m., in the Rowenhorst Student Center. Cost for attending Raider Reach (all 16 sessions) is $5; new classes start Nov. 4.


DestroyersScience and natural disasters
Einstein TimeExploring science through experiments
Fun with FractionsDifferent ways to use fractions in math and the real world
The BattlefieldFocusing on America's four biggest war involvements (Revolutionary, Civil, WWI and WWII
To Infinity and BeyondFun activities with math


Raider Reach classes are taught by students in Northwestern College's NCATE-accredited education program, which emphasizes teacher as servant. Northwestern's education curriculum is competency-based, which means that students are required to prove their effectiveness through hands-on teaching experiences throughout their four years of teacher education.

HOMEWORK HELP in the HUB (6 to 6:30 p.m., before Raider Reach)

Receive homework help from college tutors. Homework help takes place before Raider Reach classes in the Hub cafe in the Rowenhorst Student Center. Tutors will escort students to their Raider Reach classes.