Political science programs

As a political science major, you’ll compare the U.S. political system with those of other countries, study international relations, and examine issues of global importance. Your classes will be filled with discussion and debate as you and your peers are challenged to examine why you believe what you do. In the process, you’ll hone your critical thinking and public speaking skills and become better prepared for an active role as a Christian citizen in your nation and the world.


The pre-law program is designed to introduce students to various areas of law and to prepare them for entry into law school. Students should make arrangements to take the Law School Admission Test very early in their senior year and apply to law schools during that year. Information on the LSAT and on law schools is available from the program director. There is no prescribed pre-law curriculum, so a variety of majors is appropriate. What is most important is for students to take a range of challenging courses which require them to think critically, reason logically, and speak and write effectively.

Recommended courses
BUS 321 - Business Law I
ENG 288 - Writing in the Professions
ENG 297 - The Rhetoric of Persuasion
PHI 200BR - Ethics
PHI 202 - Logic
PSC 101SS - American Government
PSC 225 - Introduction to Law
Total credits recommended: 25