Political science programs

As a political science major, you’ll compare the U.S. political system with those of other countries, study international relations, and examine issues of global importance. Your classes will be filled with discussion and debate as you and your peers are challenged to examine why you believe what you do. In the process, you’ll hone your critical thinking and public speaking skills and become better prepared for an active role as a Christian citizen in your nation and the world.

Christian Community Development Minor

Christian community development holistically restores under-resourced communities through local Christian engagement. This integrative and interdisciplinary minor equips Christians to bear witness and do justice by using critical analysis of social, political, economic, and spiritual poverty in order to holistically develop communities towards self-sufficiency and spiritual renewal. Developing communities, beyond mere relief, involves relocation, living in a community in solidarity with those one serves; it involves reconciliation between both God and other human beings, including racial reconciliation, thus it integrates evangelism and justice; and finally it involves redistributing resources, capital, and power in the social, political, and economic dimensions of human life. Students will participate in a service learning component as part of capstone course REL420: Topics in Christian Community Development.

Student Learning Goals:

  • Students will think biblically, theologically, and inter-disciplinarily about Christian community development, especially in the United States’ rural and urban context.
  • Students will gain competency with key interdisciplinary (theological, sociological, political, economic, etc.) concepts and tools useful in the analysis and practice of Christian community development.
  • Students will understand several current theories about the practice of Christian community development in the United States’ rural and urban communities.
  • Students will grasp the biblical foundation for and practice of the Christian community development principles of relocation, reconciliation, and redistribution.
ECO 101 - Survey of Economics *
REL 290 - Christian Witness and Community Development
REL 295 - Intercultural Communication
REL 420 - Topics in Christian Community Development
SWK 232 - At-Risk Populations and Social Justice **
Christian community develoment service learning experience (no credit)
Choose one course:
SOC 202 - Social Problems
SOC 272 - Selected Topics in Sociology
SOC 304CC - Ethnicity, Power and Identity
Total credits required: 24


*Students who have taken ECO213 and ECO214 are exempted from this course requirement.

**Students obtain permission from instructor to waive prerequisites

Semester Program Options: Students may substitute four credits from the Denver Semester, Romania Semester or CCD-Based Chicago Semester (with Religion department approval) for any course in the CCD minor except REL420.

Recommended Courses:

ACC310-Non-Profit Government Accounting

ECO302-Labor Economics

PSC260-Human Geography

REL294-Introduction to Christian Mission

Recommended Immersion Experiences:

CCD internship

CCD-based Summer of Service

CCD-based Spring Service Project

Denver Semester

Romania Semester

CCD-based Chicago Semester