Philosophy programs

Your philosophy course options will include creative classes like Philosophy and Science Fiction or Minds and Machines. You’ll get to know your professors and peers through lively discussion as you explore ethics, logic, morality, reality, the mind, and what it means to know and be.

Applied Ethics Minor

PHI 214BR - Contemporary Moral Issues
PSC 320 - Christians and the Political Order
REL 290 - Christian Witness
Choose 10 credits:
BIO 201 - Bioethics
CSC 450 - Value Issues in Computing
PHI 200BR - Introduction to Ethics
PHI 210x - Introduction to Political Philosophy
PHI 355 - Topics in Ethics
PSC 220 - Politics and Public Policy
PSC 225 - Introduction to Law
PSC 330 - Topics in International Problems
REL 260 - Christian Ethics
SOC 202 - Social Problems
SOC 220 - The Criminal Justice System
Total credits required: 24