Online learning tuition and fees

Off-site online students

The following tuition and fee rates apply to online learners who are not current students living on campus.

2014-15 online learning costs
Online course $425 per credit
     1-5 credits $595
     6-8 credits $875
     9-11 credits $1,145
Technology fee, full-time student $90/semester
Technology fee, part-time student $60/semester
RN to BSN Program Fees
     RN to BSN program deposit$300
     NUR280A Clinical Fee
     NUR420A Clinical Fee
     NUR440A Clinical Fee
     NUR460A Clinical Fee
     NUR280A Software Fee

*Some online education endorsements require student teaching. Student teaching is an experiential, rather than online, course, so part-time tuition rates apply.

Students in online programs may be eligible for federal and/or state financial aid.  Additional institutional financial aid is not available for students enrolled in online programs at this time.  Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information. 

Explore your payment options, and make note of payment deadlines. Off-site online students may also order books from the Northwestern College Bookstore.

Current full- and part-time students

Current full- and part-time students, including those living on campus, are welcome to make online classes part of their college experience.

  • For full-time students taking an online class as part of their 12 to 18 credits, standard tuition and fee rates apply.
  • For an online class beyond 18 credits, the per-credit rate applies.
  • Part-time students will pay the per-credit rate for online classes and the appropriate part-time rate for classes taken on campus.

If you're unsure about your student status and corresponding tuition rates, contact Online Learning Director Rebecca Hoey.

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