Analytics faculty

Russell Albright
Ph.D., Clemson University

Dr. Russ AlbrightDr. Albright is a research statistician developer at SAS Institute where he has been a key contributor to the development of the SAS Enterprise Miner/Text Miner product. His experience includes algorithm development for matrix factorizations, collocation detection, and large-scale inverted index manipulation. Recently, he has made contributions to a massively parallel, gridded approach to mining big data. Albright also has authored several applied papers on using SAS Enterprise Miner/Text Miner in the business setting. The publications have focused on both supervised learning—including such topics as building predictive models for topic categorization and sentiment classification—and unsupervised learning, such as web page clustering and topic discovery.

David Ostrowski
Ph.D., Wayne State University

Dr. David OstrowskiDr. Ostrowski has over 27 years of industry experience in software development within many areas including real-time data acquisition and analytics. He is a technical expert at Ford Motor Research and Innovation Center, where he is currently concentrating on predictive analytics as applied to Big Data. He has more than 15 years of experience teaching CIS courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Ostrowski also has contributed to more than 40 refereed publications, written two book chapters and numerous technical reports, and participates on several technical committees including IEEE TEC transactions, IEEE IJSC transactions, IEEE ICSC and IEEE ICIOS.

Mike Wallinga
Ph.D. candidate, University of South Dakota

Professor Mike WallingaProfessor Wallinga is the director of institutional research at Northwestern College, where he analyzes the college’s data using the R and SQL programming languages, SPSS, Excel, and other tools. He teaches in Northwestern's math and computer science departments and is completing his doctorate with a dissertation that involves applying interval analysis to neural networks. Wallinga has industry experience as a database programmer and systems analyst, with a  focus on data analysis, visualization, and dashboard development.