Nursing faculty and staff

Deb Bomgaars, PhD, RN

Instructor in Nursing

Ph.D., South Dakota State University
M.S.N., Nebraska Methodist College
B.S.N., Briar Cliff University
R.N., St. Joseph Mercy School of Nursing



Dr. Bomgaars has been a registered nurse since 1984, working in such areas as medical-surgical, ER, cardiac rehab, respiratory therapy, risk management, nursing education and public health. She found her calling when she began teaching nursing at Northwestern College in 2007.


  • Promoting Shalom with Diverse Populations

    Promoting Shalom with Diverse Populations

    (5 credits, 3:2) Based on a Christian worldview, this course examines the theoretical and scientific basis for the application of the nursing process with diverse families and groups in the community. All levels of prevention are considered, focusing on health promotion and maintenance. Grounded in a synthesis of public health and nursing science and arts, the course emphasizes nursing as a healing ministry, human science and performing art to promote shalom and enhance the health of the population as a whole. The clinical component provides an opportunity for nursing practice in the community, assisting students to integrate knowledge, aptitudes and compassionate care in living the three nursing practice dimensions with families and groups. Learning experiences include service-learning, faith reflection and clinical experiences. Prerequisites: Nursing major with senior class standing, ENG288, KIN370, NUR350 and SOC101. Concurrent requisite: NUR420.
  • Nursing and Shalom

    Nursing and Shalom

    (2 credits) Based on a Christian worldview, this course investigates the theoretical, scientific and ethical foundation of nursing as a human science, performing art and healing ministry specifically as an approach to promote shalom (health, peace and wholeness from a Biblical perspective) and social justice. The program's mission, philosophy, conceptual framework and program outcomes are examined. Service-learning experiences, faith reflection and the creation of an electronic portfolio are integrated in meeting course objectives. Prerequisite: Admission to the BSN program. Concurrent requisite: NUR280.
  • Fundamentals of Nursing

    Fundamentals of Nursing

    (3 credits, 2:1) Based on a Christian worldview and the framework of nursing as a healing ministry, human science and performing art, this course provides the foundation for application of the nursing process with diverse pediatric and adult clients in acute and chronic illness. On-campus laboratory precedes clinical experiences and as a means to promote shalom. These experiences provide opportunity to develop knowledge and beginning nursing aptitudes in intervening with the care of individual clients across the lifespan. Prerequisites: NUR220, NUR280, BIO203, PHI214, and REL150. Concurrent requisite: NUR290.


  • Iowa Nurse's Association
  • Sigma Theta Tau
  • Iowa League of Nurses