Music programs

As a music major, you’ll study both historic and modern traditions and perform a variety of Western and non-Western music. We pursue excellence in the study, practice and performance of each piece of music, so you’ll be challenged and encouraged by your professors, peers and private tutors as you scale new heights with your musical ability and artistry.

Music Therapy

Employment possibilities in music therapy include positions in mental health hospitals, geriatric institutions, special education programs, prisons, detention facilities and veterans' hospitals. A music therapist can aid psychiatrists and psychologists in diagnostic work, treatments, therapeutics and social interactional procedures. The music therapy program will also prepare students for graduate study. In addition to completion of the music major curriculum, students should complete the courses listed below:

Recommended courses
ART 150 - Introduction to Art Therapy
BIO 102SN - Human Anatomy and Physiology
EDU 206 - Survey of Exceptional Individuals
KIN 338 - Adapted Physical Education
PSY 221SS - Developmental Psychology: Childhood
PSY 360 - Psychopathology
PSY 402 - Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Choose one course: 4 credits
PSY 224 - Developmental Psychology: Adolescence
PSY 225 - Developmental Psychology: Adulthood
Total credits recommended: 28