Music programs

As a music major, you’ll study both historic and modern traditions and perform a variety of Western and non-Western music. We pursue excellence in the study, practice and performance of each piece of music, so you’ll be challenged and encouraged by your professors, peers and private tutors as you scale new heights with your musical ability and artistry.

Music Ministry Minor

The Music Ministry Minor allows students pursuing other areas of study the chance to learn about the history, practice, performance, and theology of music for worship, preparing them to contribute to a church music program with insight and experience.

MUS 111 - Music Theory I
MUS 112 - Music Theory II
MUS 115AE - Music of the Church
MUS 230 - Hymnology/Liturgy
MUS 233 - Leading Music for Worship in a Changing Culture
Ensembles (2 credits)
Private Lessons (2 credits)
Choose one credit:
MUS 181 - Voice Class
MUS 261 - Voice
Choose one credit:
MUS 130 - Piano Class Beginners I
MUS 131 - Piano Class Beginners II
MUS 132 - Piano Class Intermediate I
MUS 133 - Piano Class Intermediate II
MUS 251 - Piano Lessons
MUS 252 - Lead Sheet Piano
Choose five credits:
At least 2 credits must be at the 300 level.
MUS 211 - Music Theory III
MUS 219 - Survey of Choral Literature
MUS 222 - Survey of Organ Literature
MUS 231 - Church Music Administration
MUS 246 - Music Ministry Guitar
MUS 301 - Basic Conducting
MUS 318WI - History of Music II
MUS 319 - History of Music III
MUS 320CC - World Musics
MUS 325 - Recital
MUS 337 - Choral/Instrumental Arranging
Total credits required: 24