Math programs

The diverse courses of Northwestern’s math and physics departments will teach you both analytical and creative problem-solving skills. Together those add up so you equal an attractive candidate, whether you’re headed to the job market or graduate school.

“Advanced” actuarial science

Our actuarial science program is 1 of only 89 programs nationwide classified as “advanced undergraduate” by the Society of Actuaries—and 1 of just 3 among the 100 members of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities. Our curriculum covers everything on the first 3 professional actuarial exams, as well as some topics on the 4th and 5th of 8 exams. That means you'll be further along in the process of becoming a certified actuary—and you’ll rise to the top with future employers.

Math teaching

If you want calculated career preparation for teaching, you're set with either a math major or a math teaching minor. In addition to your math classes, you’ll pursue your secondary education certification through an education department that is one of only 4 in Iowa to be CAEP-accredited.

Mathematics Major

Mathematics electives: 9 credits (excluding 090, 105, 107, 109, 111, 117 and 308)
MAT 112QR - Calculus I
MAT 180 - Logic and Discrete Mathematics
MAT 211 - Calculus II
MAT 212 - Calculus III
MAT 317 - Linear Algebra
Choose one course: 3 credits
MAT 316 - Probability and Statistics I
MAT 411 - College Geometry
Choose one course: 3 credits
ECO 390 - Game Theory
MAT 312 - Differential Equations
PHY 212 - Classical Physics II
PHY 270 - Classical Dynamics
Choose one course: 3 credits
MAT 412 - Real Analysis
MAT 419 - Introduction to Abstract Algebra
Cognate requirements:
CSC 171QR - Computer Science I
Choose one course: 4 credits
CHE 433WIx - Introductory Physical Chemistry
PHY 211 - Classical Physics I
Total credits required: 45


Students may choose to count CHE433, Introductory Physical Chemistry and/or CHE436, Intermediate Physical Chemistry toward mathematics electives in the mathematics major. CHE433, Introductory Physical Chemistry may not count as both the cognate and a mathematics elective.

Students pursuing secondary education certification in mathematics need to include MAT411, MAT419, and either MAT316 or MAT116.