Kinesiology programs

The diverse curriculum of Northwestern’s kinesiology department not only teaches you principles for healthy living, it also gives you opportunities to apply what you’re learning to help others improve their health and lifestyle. And a healthy lifestyle is a strong foundation for building healthy relationships with others—both professionally and personally.

Strength and Conditioning

The career concentration in Strength and Conditioning prepares students to be effective Strength and Conditioning specialists and to also be prepared for graduate work in this area. The curriculum design is intended to supplement the majors of Exercise Science and Athletic Training and will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experience specifically needed by Strength and Conditioning specialists beyond that which is acquired in the respective majors. The curriculum is intended to provide knowledge and experience specific to coaching/leadership, exercise and performance testing, program design and implementation, professionalism, and facility and personnel management.

Recommended courses
KIN 125 - Aerobic Activity
KIN 127 - Weight Training
KIN 215 - Principles of Personal Training
KIN 229 - Leadership in Sport Management
KIN 250 - Techniques in Resistance Training
KIN 281 - Practicum in Strength and Conditioning I
KIN 333 - Biomechanics
KIN 381 - Practicum in Strength and Conditioning II
KIN 393 - Advanced Topics in Strenth and Conditioning
KIN 403 - Motor Learning
KIN 417 - Internship
KIN 481 - Practicum in Strength and Conditioning III
Total credits required: 30

It is recommended that students choose to take KIN371, Sport Nutrition, instead of KIN236, Nutrition for Life, or KIN370, Human Nutrition for Health Care Professionals, as a part of their major curriculum.

The entry point into the program is to take KIN281, Practicum in Strength and Conditioning I, which has the following prerequisites:

  • BIO121 and BIO122 series or CHE101 and CHE102 series
  • KIN241 Directed Field Experience or KIN251 Practicum in Athletic Training
  • Permission of the program director