Kinesiology programs

The diverse curriculum of Northwestern’s kinesiology department not only teaches you principles for healthy living, it also gives you opportunities to apply what you’re learning to help others improve their health and lifestyle. And a healthy lifestyle is a strong foundation for building healthy relationships with others—both professionally and personally.

Physical Education Minor

(Satisfies state secondary teaching endorsement requirements in physical education. Students  must also complete the requirements of the secondary education program. See the education department listing for requirements.)

KIN 180 - Introduction to Kinesiology
KIN 202 - Organization and Administration of Physical Education
KIN 206 - Teaching of Sports
KIN 233 - Anatomical Kinesiology
KIN 234 - Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
KIN 338 - Adapted Physical Education
KIN 402 - Assessment in Physical Education
KIN 403 - Motor Learning
Choose one course:
KIN 230 - Physiological Adaptations to Exercise
KIN 325WI - Physiology of Exercise
Competency requirements:
Pass physical fitness competency examination
Choose one
Pass first aid competency with current CPR and first aid certification
KIN 104 - First Aid
Total credits required: 24-26