Foreign language programs

Your language study at Northwestern will include cross-cultural opportunities around the world and outside your door as you learn about breaking through barriers. In addition to spending a semester abroad, you might accompany professors as they translate in the courtroom or hospital.

TESL (teaching English as a second language) Minor

The TESL minor is designed for non-education majors who plan to teach ESL outside the United States, and/or in a church or community-based program in the United States. Education majors who plan to teach ESL in a K-12 setting should consult the TESL endorsement requirements under the education department.

Foreign language 0-9 *
ENG 283 - Grammar in the Classroom
ENG 345 - Linguistic Perspectives on English
TSL 207 - TESL Grammar
TSL 222 - Practicum in TESL
TSL 224 - Applied Linguistics in Language Education
TSL 225 - Language Development and Acquisition
TSL 307 - Methods in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language)
Total credits required: 20-29


* 201 proficiency in modern foreign languages