Foreign language programs

Your language study at Northwestern will include cross-cultural opportunities around the world and outside your door as you learn about breaking through barriers. In addition to spending a semester abroad, you might accompany professors as they translate in the courtroom or hospital.

Spanish Minor

(Satisfies state teaching endorsement requirements in Spanish. Students must also complete the requirements of the secondary education program. See the education department listing for requirements.)

SPA 202 - Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture
SPA 311 - Advanced Spanish Conversation *
SPA 312WI - Advanced Grammar and Composition
SPA 314 - Introduction to Reading Hispanic Literature
Choose one course: 3
SPA 351 - Survey of Hispanic Literature from Spain
SPA 352 - Survey of Hispanic Literature from the Americas
Electives: 10-12
GEN 350 - Topics in Cross-Cultural Studies
Total credits required: 25-27


* 1 credit course, taken 3 different semesters.

Students may substitute GEN350 for SPA351 or SPA352 by completing a course substitution form, obtaining the appropriate signatures and submitting it to the Registrar’s Office.