Education programs

Northwestern’s education department is one of only 4 in Iowa that’s NCATE accredited, which means you can be immediately certified in most states. It’s also recommended in Rugg’s Recommendations on the Colleges as a top program that attracts top students. NWC’s program emphasizes performance-based education, a national movement that evaluates the teaching abilities of future teachers. That’s why, in addition to your course work, you’ll spend plenty of time in area classrooms and other educational settings—over 100 hours—before you even student teach.

Middle School Endorsement

Requirements for certification to teach all subjects in grades 5 through 8 with the exception of art, industrial arts, music, reading, kinesiology and special education. (Also requires completion of the elementary education major OR completion of an approved major in secondary education and the secondary education endorsement program.)

EDU 203 - Early Field Experience-Middle School
EDU 221 - Growth and Development of the Middle School Aged Student
EDU 312 - Middle School Methods and Curriculum
EDU 347 - Reading in the Content Area
Cognate requirements:
IGE 101 - First-Year Seminar: Speaking and Writing in Community
Holders of this endorsement must complete the course work in two of the following content areas:
Mathematics Sequence:
complete 12 credits
Math electives (MAT107 or above)
Choose one course:
MAT 109QR - College Algebra
MAT 127 - Patterns, Functions and Algebra for Elementary Teachers
Science Sequence:
NSC 101 - Introduction to Earth Science
Choose one course:
BIO 110 - Introduction to Life Science
BIO 102SN - Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 115 - General Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology
BIO 116 - General Biology: Ecology and Organismal Biology
BIO 205 - Ecology
Choose one course:
CHE 105 - Topics in Chemistry
PHY 107 - The Physics of Everyday Life
PHY 111 - General Physics I
Social Studies Sequence:
HIS 120HP - Historical Perspectives
HIS 206 - History of the United States
PSC 101SS - American National Government
PSC 260CC - Human Geography
Language Arts Sequence:
ENG 277 - Teaching Literature to Adolescents
ENG 283 - Grammar in the Classroom
Choose two courses:
ENG 225 - Literature of the Developing World
ENG 250LC - Literary Imaginations
ENG 280 - Shakespeare
ENG 352 - Reading and Writing Poetry
ENG 346 - American Literature I
ENG 347 - American Literature II
ENG 379 - English Twentieth-Century Literature
Total credits required: 40


* Students must complete NSC101, Intro to Earth Science, or an approved AuSable course (AUS217, Field Geology of the Pacific NW; or AUS301, Land Resources, are acceptable options).