Education programs

Instructional Strategist I: Mild and Moderate Secondary Endorsement

Requires the completion of the secondary education endorsement and a secondary academic major. This endorsement authorizes instruction in all secondary mild and moderate instructional special education programs.

EDU 206 - Survey of Exceptional Individuals
EDU 235 - Characteristics of Learners with Mild and Moderate Disabilities
EDU 309 - Transition for Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities
EDU 314 - Working with Parents
EDU 315 - Behavior Management and Classroom Instruction
EDU 318 - Diagnostic Assessment, Teaching and Evaluation of Special Education Students
EDU 319 - Communication and Collaborative Partnerships for Special Educators
EDU 337 - Methods of Working with Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities at the Secondary Level
EDU 343WI - Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Problems
EDU 347 - Reading in the Content Area
EDU 428 - Secondary Special Education Student Teaching
Total credits required: 31-35