Education programs

Instructional Strategist I: Mild and Moderate Elementary and Secondary Endorsement

Requires completion of the elementary education major. This endorsement authorizes instruction in all Elementary and Secondary mild and moderate instructional programs to support students with mild to moderate learning and behavioral needs.

EDU 206 - Survey of Exceptional Individuals
EDU 235 - Characteristics of Learners with Mild and Moderate Disabilities
EDU 309 - Transition for Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities
EDU 314 - Working with Parents
EDU 315 - Behavior Management and Classroom Instruction
EDU 318 - Diagnostic Assessment, Teaching and Evaluation of Special Education Students
EDU 319 - Communication and Collaborative Partnerships for Special Educators
EDU 336 - Methods and Strategies for Learners with Mild and Moderate Disabilities (Elementary)
EDU 337 - Methods of Working with Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities at the Secondary Level
EDU 343WI - Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Problems
EDU 345 - Language Learning and Reading Disabilities
EDU 347 - Reading in the Content Area
EDU 409 - Philosophy of Education
EDU 426 - Elementary Special Education Student Teaching
EDU 428 - Secondary Special Education Student Teaching
Total credits required: 42-50