Education programs

Elementary/Secondary TESL Endorsement (teaching English as a second language)

(Also requires completion of elementary education major or the completion of an academic major and the secondary endorsement program.)

Non-education students should see modern foreign languages for the TESL minor and TESL course descriptions.

Foreign Language (does not include 101-level): 6 credits
EDU 347 - Reading in the Content Area
EDU 409 - Philosophy of Education
EDU 410 - TESL Student Teaching
ENG 283 - Grammar in the Classroom
ENG 345 - Linguistic Perspectives on English
TSL 207 - TESL Grammar
TSL 224 - Applied Linguistics in Language Education
TSL 225 - Language Development and Acquisition
TSL 307 - Methods in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language)
Total credits required: 29-32


International students may choose to substitute 6 credits of ESL course work for the modern foreign languages requirement.