Education faculty

Jolynn Oliver, M.S.E.

Instructor in Education

A.B.D., University of St. Thomas
M.S.E., Drake University
B.A., Dana College

VPH 200 C


Jolynn Oliver is currently finishing a doctorate in educational leadership. She serves as the secondary education coordinator and multicultural education coordinator for Northwestern's education department, where she specializes in education for middle school and high school teachers, with an added interest in differentiated methods of teaching for students of all ages. Her passion for diversity education led her to create multicultural opportunities for NWC students, faculty and staff and members of the Orange City community. She has also been involved in mission trips through her church and NWC, and she's currently working with a Christian school in Mississippi.

Professor Oliver taught English in Lithuania at LCC International University and elementary classes in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Prior to joining Northwestern's faculty, she was a youth development specialist for the Iowa State University Extension Office and a German/English teacher at Le Mars Community High School.


  • Classroom Management for Secondary Teachers

    Classroom Management for Secondary Teachers

    (1 credit) The objective of this course is to teach students effective strategies for organizing and managing an effective classroom. Included in this course are guidelines for organizing your classroom and materials, choosing rules and procedures, maintaining appropriate student behaviors, managing student work and planning and conducting instruction. Students will interview classroom teachers to discover management strategies that have worked effectively for them.
  • Human Relations

    Human Relations

    (2 credits) Major issues and concepts associated with living in a culturally diverse society and teaching in culturally diverse schools will be clarified. Students will consider ways in which ethnicity, gender/sexuality, social class, and religion intersect and influence beliefs and behaviors.
  • Growth and Development of the Middle School Aged Student

    Growth and Development of the Middle School Aged Student

    (3 credits, alternate years, consult department) The middle school growth and development primarily embraces the knowledge of the learner component of the professional knowledge base with concentration, identification and comprehension of the physical, psychosocial, and cognitive characteristics of the middle school aged student. This course includes a 5 hour field experience.
  • General Methods in Secondary Education

    General Methods in Secondary Education

    (3 credits) The principles and methods of teaching at the secondary level, including lesson plans, teaching skills, reading in the content area, classroom management, evaluation and school law. This course includes field experience. Students must earn a "C" or better in this course in order to fulfill program requirements for secondary licensure. Prerequisite: sophomore class standing and admission to the teacher education program.
  • Middle School Methods and Curriculum

    Middle School Methods and Curriculum

    (3 credits, alternate years, consult department) This course focuses on the philosophy of the middle school, organization of the curriculum, effective teaching strategies, and assessment. This course includes a 5 hour field experience. Prerequisite: junior class standing.

Professional experience

  • German/English Instructor, Le Mars Community High School, Le Mars, Iowa
  • Danish Instructor, Dana College, Blair, Nebraska


  • Daimler-Benz Award of Excellence in German Instruction (national award, 1999)
  • Duden Award (In recognition of outstanding effort and achievement in German instruction in the State of Iowa, 1998)