Communications programs

Whether your message is a speech, news story, feature article or corporate newsletter, studying communications will help you develop your writing and speaking skills. Many communications majors also pursue minors or add second majors, preparing for careers as journalists or publicists in the arts and politics.

Journalism Major

COM 101x - Mass Media and Society
COM 185 - Media Writing
COM 217 - Communication Practicum in Print Media
COM 225 - Media Law and Ethics
COM 261 - Feature Writing
COM 340 - News Writing and Editing
COM 400 - Advanced Journalism
COM 417 - Internship
Choose six credits:
ART 220 - Graphic Design I
ART 265 - Photography II
COM 202 - Video Production
COM 263 - Layout and Design
COM 310 - Advanced Topics in Communications *
COM 315 - Writing and Design for the Web
COM 330 - Multiplatform Communications
Cognate Requirements
ART 164 - Photography I
ECO 101 - Survey of Economics
PSC 101SS - American Government
PSC 105SS - Political Ideologies
Choose six credits:
ENG 221 - Responding to Writing
ENG 290WI - The Art of the Essay
ENG 379 - English Twentieth-Century Literature
ENG 380 - Special Topics in Writing
ENG 386 - The Other America
GEN 312 - Reporting in Washington
GEN 312 - Foundations for Media Involvement
GEN 312 - Washington, News & Public
SOC 290CC - Cultural Anthropology
Total credits required: 49-53


*COM217 is a 1 credit course to be taken twice.

**Requires acceptance into the CCCU Washington journalism semester program.

***COM310 must be a topic in journalism.

Internships range from 2-12 credits. The maximum credits applied to the major are noted under the 417 course designation. Students choosing the GEN312 course option must first be accepted into the CCCU Washington journalism semester program. The Washington journalism semester program is an advanced, experiential semester on Capitol Hill and consists of 3 seminar courses (Foundations for Media Involvement - 4 credits; Reporting in Washington - 3 credits; and Washington, News, and Public Discourse - 3 credits) and a 6 credit internship. For more details on the program, contact the Communications department.