Chemistry programs

Northwestern’s chemistry department is recognized by Rugg’s Recommendations on the Colleges as a top program that attracts top students. Whether you’re thinking about research, science teaching, medicine or another career, studying chemistry at Northwestern will prepare you to bring your faith to the complex research and ethical questions facing today’s scientists.

Alternative Secondary Teaching Endorsement Program in Chemistry

Related natural science courses: 14-16 credits*
CHE 211 - Quantitative Analysis
CHE 321 - Organic Chemistry
Choose one sequence:
CHE 101 - College Chemistry
CHE 102 - College Chemistry
CHE 111 - General Chemistry
CHE 112 - General Chemistry
Total credits required: 30-32


*Related courses may be taken from biology or physics. If at least 15 credits are taken in one of these related areas, then teaching endorsement requirements are satisfied in that second area, (in addition to endorsement in chemistry).