“It was amazing, extremely educational and very interesting. I’ve seen what college research actually looks like, and I’ve discovered different career opportunities. This is an incredible experience, and I’m so happy I had this opportunity.”

“It gave me a greater appreciation of the complexity of any subject that I might choose to pursue. I find that I am also quite interested in continuing on this or a similar track and becoming an MD/PhD.”

“This experience has confirmed my desire to be a doctor while also opening my eyes to other careers in science.”

“I never realized how many careers were available or existed in the science field, or how much we know—or have yet to know—about ourselves and the brain.”

“It really opened my eyes to a career in research that before I had overlooked. I am now considering doing research for a living.”

“This introduced me to pediatric neurology, which is of increasing interest to me.”

“It was very enlightening. I had a blast. I wish I could stay for another week!”

“I learned a lot and had fun at the same time. This camp was fascinating. Keep it going.”

“It was truly fantastic. I want to study neuroscience more and maybe become a neurosurgeon. I loved it as an enriching and enjoyable activity.”

“I feel so much more educated about neuroscience. It was interesting the whole week—very beneficial.”

“It has opened up a new career choice to think about. It was very interesting. I loved it and will do some more reading up on the brain.”

“At camp, I could see students succeeding in neuroscience, so I kind of convinced myself that I can do it too. (Usually when I say I want to do neuroscience, everyone says it’s too hard.)”

“I knew I wanted to go into neuroscience, and now I know exactly what interests me and how I should get there.”

“Great opportunity for the price. Completely worth it! It was fun and productive. I learned a lot and met a lot of fun people!”

“It just really opened my mind to other numerous areas of possible careers in the science field. This camp was a great benefit to me in exploring what areas I might be interested in.”

“It is one of a kind.”

“Great experience. I was able to do things that I would probably never get a chance to do otherwise.”

“Helped me get a bigger picture of the complexity of the brain and how it affects the rest of the body.”

“I now have an incredible background and basis for comparison when choosing which form of neuroscience I should pursue.”

“I loved it all, but I enjoyed the labs a lot.”

“It really gives you a feel for neuroscience and college life. It reinforced what I thought I might like and turned me on to other areas I was not as aware of—a great experience that has me excited for college and a career in biology.”

“Opened my eyes to neuropathology and neurochemistry. The detail we went into helped me realize how much more I enjoy the cellular level rather than gross anatomy.”

“It really opened my eyes to all of the possibilities in neuroscience. I didn’t realize how much there is to learn! It was such high quality, and I got to meet some great people.”

“It showed me how many careers exist, blended among science, neurology, psychology and other fields—how all are very interesting and critically important for our world.”

“Visiting research labs and learning from [research] students firsthand were the best experiences for understanding what it takes to be a scientist and a researcher. This gave me insight about what I should expect and how I can better prepare.”

“It was a great experience and I had an amazing time. It has interested me in a whole new world: research. I am now considering adding a PhD into my future plans along with an MD.”