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Herb Ritsema always ended each concert on the tour with a vocal group with band accompaniment. I hope that you do that arrangement.
Roger DeYoung '72, South Holland, IL

The band trip to Ukraine in 1994. Will never forget it. Just seems like yesterday we were there. Lots of fun memories ... Air Ukraine? Bump that! Playing the Ukrainian National Anthem with the Symphony in Kiev; then after more than 55 hours of travel home, the concert we put on ... I literally cried on stage. Thinking of the blind children that played for us, the one child dying of cancer coming to Christ, coming from a bleak nation to where we distributed Russian Bibles and gave endless concerts, a lot of cherished memories.

Susan West '94, Sioux City, IA

My fondest and most meaningful memories from band tour are those from our tour to Chihuahua City, Chihuahua, Mexico. I loved getting to experience more fully the Mexican culture alongside my friends and band-mates while sharing God's love and our gifts through music. The short midwest weekend tours were always great too—I enjoyed meeting families who let us into their homes for the weekend. In true midwest fashion, we were always very well fed on those tours!
Kathleen (Kropp '09) Marsh, Fort Collins, CO

Rook and Pinochle during the endless hours on the double-decker bus to Florida and Washington.
Kevin Muyskens '91, Sheldon, IA

I have many fond memories and pictures of band tours from across the midwest states and also when we traveled to Arizona and California. I enjoyed the many host families who opened their homes and provided us with great food and hospitality no matter where we traveled. The best tour memory I have is from my senior year when Dr. Ron Toering led our band in the Crystal Cathedral in California. That was the most awesome experience to play in that grand church.
Mary Vermeer Nyhof '84, Sioux Center, IA 

Well, meeting my future husband on my first band tour is certainly a top memory for me. I will also never forget the tour to Ukraine. It was the chance of a lifetime. I remember coming home with a renewed gratitude for all that I had. I also remember one night of group devotions that ended with all of us singing Amazing Grace together. It was amazing. And to see how open people were to hearing us play and talk about our faith was incredible. I am very thankful for my experiences in NWC's band!
Nicole (Molnau '96) Gepson, Glencoe, MN

Band tour was always the best--but my favorite memory was Ukraine. Nervous jitters ... I remember devotions: "God has not given us a spirit of fear...."  I remember parties that were thrown for us by the host groups--the trumpet one was quite interesting, and we were almost late to leave!  I remember we had a HUGE delay right before leaving and the president of the college called our parents. Our homecoming concert had to be postponed, but was overwhelmingly emotional. I remember our translators. I remember a lot of people who grew in their walk with God, including me. I think a piece of my heart is still in Ukraine! Everyone: Bring pics to the reunion!
Shanda Knight '94, Evanston, IA

While there are many great memories, there is one funny moment that could have turned out very differently, had God not taken control. When on tour in Washington State, my tour roommate, Brenda Bruxvoort, and I happened to stay with a host who was a friend of a church member where we had performed. Needless to say, she wasn't quite familiar with the church, nor where it was located. The morning we were to leave, she got us to the church, and we thought maybe we were early because the bus wasn't there ... and neither were any other band members! The bus had left .... without us. A very sweet man grabbed our luggage, literally threw it in his trunk and said, " EGADS! There's only two ways to leave this town, let's hope it was this way." Brenda and I were certainly releived when we pulled up alongside the double-decker bus and frantically started waving our hands to anyone who would be looking out. It took a minute, but they finally recognized the two silly girls waving at the bus were not really groupies ... lol!! The rest of the tour, Dr Toering took roll call for each section, and also for Brenda and I. Being a part of the Symphonic Band was an amazing time, and it introduced me to my incredible roommate, Diana Pottroff Pickup, and many lifelong friends!! Thank you, Dr. Toering and Dr. McGarvey, for being a part of my growth and memories at Northwestern.
Cheri Waggoner '90, Newell, IA

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