Art programs

Arts Administration Minor

The Arts Administration Minor requires students to major in a fine arts program (Art, Music or Theatre). This minor builds on a student's existing artistic base earned from their fine arts major. It is intended to equip students with the direction and practical skills needed to help art flourish in the larger culture. Possible applications might include entry-level administrative positions in theatre companies, art galleries, symphonies and other community-based arts organizations.

ACC 215 - Principles of Financial Accounting
BUS 200 - Principles of Marketing
COM 185 - Media Writing
COM 230 - Principles of Public Relations
COM 263 - Layout and Design
COM 355 - Organizational Communication
CSC 110 - Advanced Spreadsheets
Internship: 4 credits
ART 417 - Internship
MUS 417 - Internship
THE 417 - Internship
Total credits required: 27

Note: Students must also complete a major in Art, Music or Theatre. The internship must be for a minimum of 4 credits.