Art programs

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a relatively new branch of the expressive therapies branch. The American Art Therapy Association sets standards and grants certification. Usually a graduate degree in art therapy (a two-year program) and about one year’s working experience is required after graduation from Northwestern. On  the undergraduate level a student should major in art. A double major of art and psychology is highly recommended.

Employment possibilities include positions in mental health hospitals, geriatric institutions, special education programs, prisons, detention facilities and veterans' hospitals. An art therapist can aid psychiatrists and psychologists in diagnostic work, treatments, therapeutics, and social interactionary procedures which are extremely beneficial to the patient’s mental health.

Recommended courses:
Completion of art major (36 credits)
PSY 100SS - Exploring Psychology
PSY 260 - Psychology of Personality
PSY 360 - Psychopathology
PSY 402 - Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Choose 4 credits:
PSY 221SS - Developmental Psychology: Childhood
PSY 224 - Developmental Psychology: Adolescence
PSY 225 - Developmental Psychology: Adulthood
Total credits recommended beyond major: 20